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Are Regular Oil Changes Necessary? 4 Reasons that Say Yes!


So it has been about 5,000 miles since the last oil change. You're good for another 5,000 miles, right? Not likely. While some new vehicles are able to last as much as 10,000 miles between oil changes, professional mechanics don't recommend it. Most vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. But why? Well these four reasons oil changes are necessary will make you want to race to the nearest oil change center to treat your vehicle to the maintenance it deserves, and needs.

Regulate Engine Temperature

New oil is engineered to help regulate engine temperature, helping to prevent vehicles from overheating. As oil breaks down over time it loses its ability to do so. While the cooling system will likely be able to do the job, the extra help can mean the difference between a blown head gasket and healthy vehicle.

Remove Engine Sludge

When you get your oil changed the old oil is drained out of the engine, bringing with it dirt, grime and other buildup that made it's way into the engine through the air, gasoline and the breakdown of the oil itself. This sludge makes the engine have to work harder, reducing your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Change the Oil Filter

As previously mentioned, engine sludge is a problem, and it can get circulated through the engine via the oil and it generally ends up stuck in the oil filter. If that filter gets too clogged up it won't even allow for the oil to pass through, meaning the engine is not getting the lubrication it needs which can lead to major damage. Each time you change the oil the filter gets changed as well.

Lubricating the Moving Parts

The most important reason to get your oil changed is to ensure that the motor has the right amount of oil that it needs to function. If your engine is not properly lubricated metal will grind on metal causing major issues likely resulting in the need for expensive auto repair.

Be sure to give your car all necessary auto maintenance so it can provide you with a reliable ride for years to come. For a professional oil change in Austin bring your vehicle to All Tune and Lube. Our certified mechanics are capable of performing all sorts of engine, transmission and other vehicle system maintenance and repair. Anytime you need auto maintenance in Austin make an appointment with All Tune and Lube Austin by calling (512) 836-6724 today!

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