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Is it time for a new fuel filter? These four signs suggest it could be


When it comes to our automotive lives, we have some particularly memorable experiences: getting our first car, going on that amazing date on the bluff, taking that road trip to Mexico. And we've spent plenty of enjoyable hours with our pals tinkering around with the hood up. But, when it comes to replacing a fuel filter... well, it's not exactly a new Cadillac. Nonetheless, it's a critical component of the car that you drive and love. Without that fuel filter, you'd risk various contaminants, from dirt to paint chips, getting into your fuel supply. And that's no good for your hot rod. In addition to that, your fuel filter is protecting your fuel pump and injectors, all the while helping to ensure that you're getting the highest fuel-efficiency you possibly can.

Sure, it is somewhat inconvenient to get it taken care of. But at the same time, its a lot more inconvenient to have to deal with a problem that might arise from not being proactive about changing the filter. And the reality is that for your car to function at full-capacity, your engine needs to be able to freely draw its fuel. If it's prevented from doing that, it's not going to be happy. There are many signs that suggest that it could be time to duck into the shop and get your fuel filter changed. Here are four of those signs.

Engine won't start

Obviously, this could be happening for any number of reasons. But if your engine can't draw fuel, it's not going to start up. And if you'd previously been noticing signs of a fuel supply issue while your car was still running, then that only increases the likelihood that the filter could be the culprit.

Trouble getting started

If the filter is partially or mostly blocked, your car may well still start up, but the trouble it gives you in doing so could be an indicator of just how clogged up your filter is. At this point, you'll want to take care of the issue as quickly as you can so that you don't end up stranded the next time you try to start it up.

Shaky engine idling

If you're sitting there stuck in stop-and-go traffic and every time you come to a rest your engine starts acting all herky-jerky, then it could well be because it's having a heck of time drawing fuel. You don't need the stress of a possible breakdown while you're out there in the freeway parking lot. Get in quickly to get that filter changed.

Poor performance at low speeds

If your car seems just fine out on an empty highway, but then herks and jerks at low speeds, this is one more indicator that your fuel filter has got to go. It's just not worth the stress to be driving around with faulty parts, particularly when the part that's bothering you is something as replaceable as a filter.

If you're considering getting a new fuel filter or need any other auto maintenance, be sure to get in touch with an industry professional. In the Austin area, the experts to contact are at All Tune and Lube at online coupons available to save you even more; they can be reached for a free quote at (512) 836-6724. Let All Tune help ensure that your car is performing at its peak.

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