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Auto Maintenance in Austin and the Surrounding Areas

Auto Maintenance in Austin and the Surrounding AreasAll Tune and Lube is a locally owned and operated auto shop in Austin that provides dealership quality auto maintenance at affordable prices. Our auto technicians are trained to provide superior auto service workmanship and outstanding customer service, offering courtesy check-ups and brake inspections, and providing honest advice on timely auto maintenance to save you money and prevent breakdowns and avoidable auto repairs. When your car is due for auto maintenance in Austin, give ATL a call to schedule an appointment.

  • Domestic Auto Maintenance
  • Asian Auto Maintenance
  • European Auto Maintenance
  • Hybrid Auto Maintenance
  • Diesel Engine Maintenance
  • Conventional Oil Change
  • Synthetic Oil Change
  • Air FIlter Replacement
  • Fuel Filter Replacement
  • 30/60/90K Maintenance
  • Automotive Fluid Flush Service
  • Coolant Flush
  • Transmission Fluid Flush
  • Power Steering Flush
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Timing Belt
  • Car Battery Services

30/60/90K Service

30/60/90K Service in Austin and the Surrounding AreasOur local auto shop provides dealer alternative auto maintenance for all makes and models. This includes mileage specific maintenance, commonly referred to as 30/60/90K service because it is often needed every 30,000 miles. These appointments are generally required to keep existing warranties valid, but they also make sure your car is not at risk of a breakdown or other car trouble. When your vehicle is due for factory scheduled service, skip the dealer and come see the team at ATL.

Full Service Oil Change

Keeping up with oil changes is critical for engine health. Our team offers a full service and fast oil change in Austin that includes the proper amount of synthetic oil or conventional oil, based on your vehicle's needs, a new oil filter and a multi-point vehicle inspection. See below to learn more about our complimentary inspection service!

Belts, Hoses & Filters

Modern vehicles have many parts that won't last the life of the car, meaning they need to be replaced before they fail. Among the most common car parts that require replacement as part of preventive maintenance are any rubber belts and hoses, as well as certain filters. You can count on us for serpentine belt replacement, radiator hose replacement, timing belt replacement, air filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, cabin air filter replacement and other belt, hose and filter services as required by your vehicle.

Tune Up Services

Tune Up Services in AustinWhen your vehicle is between scheduled services, but doesn't seem to be performing quite as good as it should be, it may be time for an engine tune up. Most tune up services involve minor auto maintenance that will restore performance and fuel efficiency. This may include replacing filters, completing fuel injection cleaning or installing new spark plugs and wires. To find out if your car could benefit from a tune up, please give us a call.

Courtesy Brake & Maintenance Check

When you visit us for an oil change or other services, we can perform a courtesy brake check and maintenance inspection. This service includes:

  • Inspect brake pads and/or shoes
  • Inspect calipers and wheel cylinders
  • Inspect brake hardware, rotors and drums
  • Check hydraulic system including brake lines and hoses
  • Check master brake cylinder
  • Inspect fluids, filters, wipers and battery
  • Inspect belts, hoses, water pump, radiator and gaskets
  • Check CV joints, exhaust and suspension system

Belts, Hoses & Filters in Austin and the Surrounding AreasIf we have service recommendations upon completion of our inspection, we'll provide a clear, written estimate. As an AAA-approved auto service center, you can be confident you'll get dealership service department quality at local auto shop prices!

Keeping up with auto maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle running strong. To schedule your next oil change and receive a complimentary brake inspection and vehicle maintenance inspection, or for any other auto maintenance in Austin, call All Tune and Lube at (512) 836-6724! Our nearby auto mechanics would be more than happy to assist with your vehicle's needs.

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"We've been using this Austin auto shop for years, and they're always very friendly, fast, and careful. This time, they got the car about 9 am Saturday and had it fixed and ready to go about noon."

5 Stars
"You guys are always very fast and very friendly. I never have to wait for very long and your prices are great - especially with the online coupon."
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